FAQs for shipping

Scroll down to find the FAQs about shipping.

As we are a wholesale supplier we usually do not stock every product if not ordered specifically.
However, we want everybody to have the chance to purchase our sausages.

So we have come up with a way that gives you the chance to order online. Please check out our online store here.

Also please take a look at our FAQs and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

FAQs – What you need to know:

1. What can I order?

We produce fresh sausages every week. For now we are offering our bestsellers on a regular basis.
The sausages we are offering at the moment are:

  1. German Bratwurst – 4 to 1 lb (Pork, fresh)
  2. Spicy Bratwurst      – 4 to 1 lb(Pork, fresh)
  3. Italian Bratwurst    – 4 to 1 lb (Pork, fresh)
  4. Irish Bratwurst       – 4 to 1 lb (Pork, fresh)
  5. Nurnbergs               – 12 to 1 lb (Turkey, fully cooked)
  6. Grillwurst                – 8 to 1 lb (Turkey, fully cooked)
  7. Wieners, smoked   – 6 to 1 lb (Turkey, fully cooked)

All of our sausages are made without any MSGs. They are gluten free and we never use any mechanically separated meat. We are a local family owned business that offers high quality sausages with a great taste.

2. What are my shipping options?

We deliver the sausages if you live in Ventura County. We also ship the sausages throughout California and pick up is also available on some orders.

3. When do you ship?

All orders we receive in one week (Monday through Sunday) will be shipped in the following week. We ship via Ground or 2nd day delivery depending on where we ship the package. The product shall be no longer in transit than 48 hours.

4. Where do you ship to?

For now shipping is limited to California. We hope to expand soon.

5. How do you ship?

We ship in Styrofoam boxes or biodegradable box liners depending on where the shipment will go.
Shipping charges can be calculated at the checkout page in our online shop.

As we ship perishable foods, handling and packaging correctly so that the temperature stays below 40F is quite complex.
There is also the option to pick up your order at our YOUBITE facility at 745 W Ventura Blvd, Unit H, Camarillo, CA 93010.

6. How do I track an order that’s been shipped?

For each order our customers will receive a tracking number.

7. How do I order?

Simply click here to order via our online shop or give us a call at 805 – 308 3682

8. What if the package doesn’t arrive and I’m not to blame?

If it shows that it is not your fault that the package didn’t make it in time (within 48 hours transit time) or it has gone missing you will receive the full refund of your order within a few days. Please fond out return policy here.

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