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German Sausages!

Sausages! Who does not love them? We surely do!

We are a manufacturer of German sausages from Camarillo, California. As a German family run and operated business we put emphasis on quality and flavor while offering competitive prices.
Our German sausages are very diverse in flavor and appearance. Naturally we use a lot of authentic German recipes that we brought when we came to the United States about 10 years ago.
But we are not limiting ourselves to only German sausages. We have adapted all the common and beloved sausages in the US, like the spicy or Italian brat.
We took those recipes and gave them a little twist which we think even tops the flavor you know.

We set very high standards for our products in every way. Be it flavor, appearance and of course a hygienic working environment.
We are a USDA inspected facility and we never add any MSGs into our sausages.
Our products are naturally gluten free and we don't use inferior meat like mechanically separated meat in our products. All the meat we put in our sausages is all natural.

Online store:
We started off as a wholesaler but soon realized that there are a lot of people would love to buy our sausages in smaller amounts. That's why we set up our online store so you can buy our delicious sausages from us directly.
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Farmers Markets:
You can also find us at Farmers Markets in Ventura County. Just click the Farmers Market menu button and it will show you the closest one for you!

Wholesaler for sausages:
As a wholesaler we have a lot of trademarks that separates us from our competition.
For one, as a family business we are our own distributor, so there are no overhead costs you have to pay for a middle man if you order from us.
Second, you get a lot of flexibility and service when doing business with YOUBITE, LLC.
This means that we are happy to create the sausages according to the customers' needs. Depending on order sizes we are able to adjust size and thickness or even create exclusive recipes with our customers.
Third, we bring a lot of knowledge and experience into our work. We even used to make German sausages and more in India. Thus we have a lot of creativity and ideas on how to present your customers the perfect product.

Please take a look around our website, check out our blog and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
We are looking forward to answer your questions and inquiries.

The YOUBITE team

German sausages in bun